I think we are fucked

Honestly, I think we are fucked. ?

I just think the world is dumber and dumber, to the point of idiocracy, and it is getting worse. To clear the air I will debunk the “World is getting better” notion in a very soon to release TROM ebook, but this is about something else.

The trade world (profit based) fucked up everything and it is increasingly doing that at an exponential rate. Back in 2010 I had a friend who was doing promotion for websites and he was posting on forums with fake names and having conversations on the forum with himself (different usernames) about products to promote them; he was submitting websites to portals like nuts (the mother of all spam); he was creating new websites and linked to the ones he was promoting (link building); he was also buying articles (medicine, tech, etc.) then changed parts of them with automated software (replacing words with synonyms) so that google won’t detect duplicate content, and he was building in automated ways hundreds and thousands of websites with similar content but linking one to another. Why? Ads! He was breaking the internet as I told him many times. He was the worse human in my view. He was literally fucking up the internet for profit. Imagine searching for something medical on google and coming across one of his kamikaze websites and reading the bullshit articles he bought and mingled just because he knew how to trick google’s search engines to get to you. I thought that’s the worse you can be.


7 years later and I look at him the same way people look today at Steve-O: like “Wow, he’s respectable! He’s a legend!”. People regard Steve-O as respectable because the present is so fucked up that someone like Steve-O, a guy who starred in Jackass films (basically dudes kicking themselves in the nuts for money), looks like a damn smart and thoughtful guy compared to the zombie-reactiveness thoughtful-toads of today. And the friend who did those shitty things looks the same today compared to the craziness of what people do today for the money. They fake pranks, mislead with click bait titles, exaggerate everything, lie like nuts, and soooo on.

The idiot kids.

Look at this video please:

It has 45 million views. ‘Nuff said. What is even scarier is that it has twice more likes than dislikes. (Edit 3 months later: this video has 85 million views….). If you wonder who the fuck are those millions of people watching these online mutations then it is “the kids”. Some profiteers discovered that children watch a ton of youtube videos and for a lot of time (something youtube encourages through their reward system – money for ads). Basically, parents are busy with nonsense jobs and facebook, and kids are sent to watch youtube stuff, ’cause that’s easy for the parents. And indeed they watch a ton because that video is not an exception, it is the rule. Go to their channel and you’ll see each video has millions of views. Also search on youtube for Spiderman or Elsa and you’ll see dumbed down, puked up videos that are made by idiots, but seen by millions of children. They have the most views on youtube out of (perhaps) all kinds of videos. So basically profiteers found a way to take advantage of children for ad revenue. They make, for sure, in the thousands of dollars per month or per video. So kids nowadays will grow up with these dumb down beyond idiocracy content. Their heads will reflect that.

More so, look at mobile games that are played by kids so much. Most, if not all of them, are filled with ads (buy this, buy this, buy this) or they are all a slot machine for children (and adults): you want to upgrade the character, then buy these superpowers; want to advance, buy some coins.

So kids watch dumb down content and play games that teach them to be profiteers. So they will get to be idiot profiteers when adults, breading in turn the same species.

The idiot adults.

Whilst today’s kids are bred up to become idiots, the adults are transformed into idiots. Facebook will be the no 1 reason our species will end up. Mark my words. People watch fake lives, project fake lives, watch fake news, fake videos, everything is fake and exaggerated. Everything is click bait. They have thousands of friends but in reality have none. They follow many pages but in reality they follow their own opinions. They only seek for approval, they know nothing about the world, and any charlatan can take advantage of them. Any “cure for cancer” post on fb is not sniffed for its facts by any such idiot. They can’t. They have no idea how science works, they don’t know that not all sources of news are equal, they are not equipped to detect bullshit so they pretty much eat it on a daily basis.

This lunatic has over 1.5 million likes and it’s growing:

And it is full of them. Any loud-mouth megaphoned through fb posts and videos is a guru nowadays. What people seem not to realize is that these creatures are “for profit” and take advantage of the gullible. The saddest part is that they don’t seem to be doing it intentionally like “Heck let’s take advantage of the morons.”, rather they are idiots too but only loud-mouthed. Fb tells you there is a cure for any disease out there but the government keeps it hidden; that you can’t trust anyone (except those who says that), or that conspiracies are actually a manifestation of free thinkers and skepticism.

Give fb a search for “cancer cure” and for sure you’ll find a million cures.

But you see the situation is disastrous. People have no fucking clue what is going on anymore, nor do they have any tools to fix that. Almost everyone with an internet connection has a fb profile nowadays and they spend so much time on this platform. Basically, their main source of information comes from this muddy place.

The TV is the same, they do whatever brings more money; movies the same; music repetitive and the same. Speaking of these, Netflix and Spotify are amazing tools at keeping the idiots busy with the mindless content. Nice smelling, yes! Tasty, maybe! Good package nevertheless, though quite a shitty content. But it is like eating fast food all of your life and sitting on your couch. Don’t expect good health. Pump shit in people’s brain and they’ll have shit in their heads. They’ll talk shit and do shit.

Preparing for the end.

Some say there are more and more good quality documentaries produced, or youtube shows, or articles (news); I curate these stuff for the past 4-5 years and I can confirm that yes, there are many such good materials produced, BUT for every such healthy thing out there, there are at least one thousand bad and smelly things. One Cosmos vs 1,000 shitty documentaries that together reach immensely more people than Cosmos does. One Vsauce channel vs 1,000 clickbaity, kids-dumbing channels. A handful of well written articles vs millions that are plain simply bullshit-painted.

What no one seems to realize is that this world breeds idiocracy. My ‘respectable’ friend who broke the net may chase profits, but he and others like him also fuck up the world, that in turn fucks them up. My friend uses fb as well and eats the same shit he previously pooped. There is no long term thinking in this world. It is the now, and fuck the tomorrow. Let’s get drunk and give no fuck. Watch this only movie I’ll recommend – when I watched it 10 years ago I thought it is a tasteless and overly exaggerated and poorly written comedy, but now it gives me chills.

And, for my last breath, as I argued so any times in TROM contents, you should look at any entity out there: from the government to companies, celebrities to charities, religions to software, and they are all filled with the profiteer filth. They are all chasing their own tail and give no fucks about the world. This is not an online manifestation only, this is happening everywhere in the world. Just go to the bank to open up an account and you’ll see the jackal employees trying to rip you off with their sophisticated language giving no fucks about you or the future of mankind. Everywhere is like that.

But the most important thing to remember is that these profiteers are not born like that. it is the environment that pushes them to create shitty stuff that in turn creates shitty minds. Therefore, change the environment to change the people.

But if you ask me, I think we are fucked…any effort I and others are doing to promote a new and scientific way of thinking gets rapidly sunk beneath the vast ocean of stupidity. I saw that with people following TROM that although they digest TROM, they are also eating tons of shit from FB and other sources and it mixes up in their brains in very weird ways.

But I won’t give up. I have no choice. I’ll continue screaming.


Just a human on this planet, creating trade-free stuff 😉 I mainly write at tiotrom.com. I made TROM Documentary back in 2011 and since then I am writing books, make videos, websites, or customize Linux operating systems :D. Or curate the world. I am furious and curious. Furious at how this society is, and curious about the cosmos we live in (from plants to quasars, from atoms to galaxies).

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Just a human on this planet, creating trade-free stuff ;) I mainly write at tiotrom.com. I made TROM Documentary back in 2011 and since then I am writing books, make videos, websites, or customize Linux operating systems :D. Or curate the world. I am furious and curious. Furious at how this society is, and curious about the cosmos we live in (from plants to quasars, from atoms to galaxies).

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