Learn How to Play Awesome Music on Guitar With Rocksmith Rips!

Whats a “Rocksmith Rips” you ask? GOOD QUESTION!

Rocksmith is an amazing game where you are shown accurate guitar tabs for great songs from all genres! Unfortunately there are multiple barriers to this, including buying the game, the songs and the “special” cord AKA Hardware DRM. Fuck that!

Rocksmith Rips is a fantastic trade-free way you can play and learn music on guitar! It’s the same game except theres no cord, no menus, no BS! Just a clean recording and the video tab for the song!

You can play these song charts on anything that can handle video AKA pretty much any electronic device made in the past 20 years! You can also download all the songs via torrent, or you can play them here on Facebook or Youtube! Happy Shredding!=D

The new Rocksmith Rips V2.0 is here! 1600 tracks, and compressed down to 25% the original size (~100MB / song) these videos are mobile friendly! =]
There is also a spreadsheet in the torrent you can get and search the catologue of songs so you can download the ones you want individually!
Rocksmith Rips Magnet 150GB

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