The Price we pay to Play the Game

Just a little rock floatin’ out in space

Full of marvelous wonder, beauty and grace

But what a waste

Because it’s been invaded by the human race

Just a bunch of monkeys playin’ the nuclear arms race

Wouldn’t know what’s good for us even if it hit us in the face

Heads full of superstition; prayin’ to ghosts; self absorbed intuitions

Shallow missions and lost intentions

We build super-sized cities with Inter looping highways 

parading millions of souped-up cars on sky high byways

Onward to the megamalls to shop till we drop 

to fulfill our megalomaniac insecurities. When will it stop?

We pound double ¼ pounders with extra mayo, bacon, and cheese. 

It’s the fuel to our champagne wishes and caviar dreams. 

Dirty fuel is all we know. Drill baby, drill; blow baby, blow. 

Addicted. It’s the strongest drug. We take what we want. 

Cos, we don’t give a FUCK! 

Destruction, deforestation, fragmentation, exploitation, extinction. 

Will we ever make the distinction?! A species desperate for a teachin’

It’s an endless cycle for endless trifles. 

Deeply divided; wavin’ flags; ready to aim their rifles.

It doesn’t have to be ‘me, myself, and I’

That’s not how to live if we want to survive. 

When will we draw the line and stop telling ourselves ‘it’s fine’? 

The clock is ticking, we’re runnin’ outta time.

Money comes and money goes.

But how long will it be when the trees no longer grow

And the oceans overflow

Into the cities we call home?

No one really knows…

A runaway climate; destroying our environment

things won’t ever be the same

this is the price we pay to play the game.


“…and this concludes ‘dooms-day poetry jam’ join us again for more uplifting rhymes that define our times.”

**applause track fades out


Curious kid who grew into a curious adult. I write so I can learn more about the world around me 🙂

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Curious kid who grew into a curious adult. I write so I can learn more about the world around me :)

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