Freedom is Bogus

Ah, yes… It’s that obnoxious time of year again, “Independence Day” in the United States. You know… when thousands of drunken lunatics set off glitter filled explosives throughout American neighborhoods for weeks surrounding the holiday.

Yup! That unfriendly mixture of smog, humidity, and gunpowder smoke filling the air along with ear popping, heart dropping kabooms all throughout the night remind me that it’s the 21st century and we should’ve done away with this tradition by now.

Another thing I’m reminded of is what a delusion the concept FREEDOM is. 

Yes, this thing called freedom is heavily associated with the right to bear arms, own machine guns, light fireworks, and well… blowing shit up in general. At least that seems to be the consensus in America.

Hate to be a buzzkill here but there is no such thing as freedom.

Think about it, if you were truly free then you wouldn’t have to continually be reminded of it.

I know that pointing all of this out is going to piss off a lot of “red-blooded Americans” (which really isn’t hard to do). However, it’s true, freedom is bogus!

Reality is, each human is bound both physically and mentally to a series of larger scale systems.

The first being our society. You can try to remove yourself from society but I can’t imagine it to go very well. For instance, if you built a sailboat and lived on it or went to some remote island, you will still need a way to access food and supplies. Say you got lucky and found a place rich with resources and wanted to dock your boat for a while and live off the land. Chances are someone “owns” this land and you will have to submit to their rules. There is a slight possibility that you could find a place to live, void of this society, trade-free with bountiful food options and drinkable water. However, unless there are already some people there with the same mindset as you or you get a solid crew together then you will likely get lonely and this can have dramatic psychological effects.

Why do you think solitary confinement is the worst form of punishment or why those cast out of society like the homeless suffer from behavioral issues and self medicate through heavy drug/alcohol use? Ferrel children are another example of social isolation and its profound effects on the human mind.

There is no way to remove this innate need for socialization the same as you cannot remover other inborn needs such as food, shelter, water, and air.

If you go without any of the above for long enough, your health will decline to the point of death and you have no choice in the matter.

Side note: If we lived in a more sane society, one that made sure your social, emotional and physical needs were always cared for, the sail boat scenario wouldn’t be a problem like it is now. There’d be no such thing as ownership and you’d always have access to necessary resources.

Outside of society, a grand natural ecosystem exists. This system is unique to our earth. Humans along with millions of other terrestrial and aquatic creatures — some known and many unknown — all work in symbiosis with one another. This allows for the ideal conditions for humans to survive on planet earth.

Regardless of how much of an individual you fancy yourself to be, you cannot separate yourself from this system either. 

The slightest imbalance can cause smaller ecosystems to collapse similar to the removal of one card from a house of cards. This would set off a chain reaction, affecting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat and this will have a huge impact on every human on earth.

No matter how tuff or free you think you are, if you don’t have the right balance of nitrogen and oxygen to breathe then you will die.

Say if Elon Musk — someone with a lot more “freedoms” than you and I — decides that he must be the first human to colonize Mars, pays someone to design a rocket for him then sets off towards the red planet. Even if he made it through the long journey and lands safely, the lack of gravity, high levels or radiation, dust, and CO2 would present a lot of life threatening challenges for him. 

Both systems are built into our lives and also determine the quality of life for us. Regardless of what type of society we live in, these two systems will remain so long as us humans exist on this earth.

Basically, the way we arrange ourselves socially— the choices we make collectively NOT individually — affect the earths systems which in turn affects our social system and round and round we go.

We could use the coronavirus pandemic as an example. Some people are forced into situations where they need to sell wildlife thus sparking a zoonotic outbreak. Those who are well off can protect themselves much better from this virus but are still not immune and are still at risk. Since we allow billions of people to live in such poor conditions that cause this virus to engulf vulnerable communities just like wind to a wildfire, this affects us all in many ways. This will cause society to ban this practice forcing it underground and onto the black market and therefore make it even more risky, maybe even driving up the demand for such markets. Thus more hunting and more viruses. Also, it creates all sorts of conflict, prejudice and greater levels of inequality. It harms people by restricting access to resources since we need to trade for them and so on.

Climate change is another good example of this. Regardless of your zip code, job title, political affiliation, or tribal label you will experience the consequences of this problem in the form of heat waves, extreme weather, drought, food shortages, sea level rise, mass migration, and all of those problems have the potential to set off violent, irreversible feedback loops.

Albeit, in both scenarios the poor will suffer far worse than than the rich, however, we are all locked into these societal and earth systems and what affects one affects all.

One last thing… No one has a choice in which culture they are born into and what behaviors they adopt from that culture. Therefore, I know it’s ultimately not any one person’s fault since none of us are free to choose which tribe, family, level of wealth, the way you look, your sexual reproduction organs or your sexual orientation.

All of which will determine how you are treated in this world.

Don’t get me wrong, all cultures have their flaws however, none is more gruesome than “American” culture.

People will argue that “America is a nation of freedom and democracy, full of opportunities for those that work hard enough, blah, blah, blah.”

Well, I’m not sure how that is possible since “America the great” is a highly stratified society with the lowest levels of social mobility.

Remember, in this system you’re only as “free” as your finances take you… and in this place that doesn’t get you very far. 

Since the inception of the American tribe, a select few rich, slave owning, war mongers have dictated the “morals” of this country. This value system was written at a time when people of color and women were considered property in the form of “laws and rights” displayed in the Constitution, which was drawn from the Declaration of Independence and it states: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident.” — meaning this is just the opinions a small percentage of men. Clearly this document and more importantly the value system that has evolved from it is not a declaration for the greater good of humankind with consideration of our long term survival on this planet.

Blind patriotism carried on by the masses has held these morals and values in place for hundreds of years. 

Though America declared their independence in the pursuit of equality and justice due to the harsh taxes, unwelcome military forces in the colonies, and restrictions on trades that their parent tribe, Britain placed on them, it seems that in the last 200+ years the American tribe developed better tactics at being bullies than the British.

Today, this tribe is home to the insidiously destructive trade market called wall street, which is like a vacuum that sucks everything out of the poorest nations on earth then distributes it to the world’s richest 1-5% to toy around with. This is enforced by the destructive U.S. war regime that brutally imposes this skewed version of economics onto other tribes. As we see, when tribes don’t want to participate then they will be blown to bits under the guise that they “hate democracy” and therefore must be terrorists. 

A U.S soldier kicks a gate during a mission in Baquba, in Diyala province, northeast of Baghdad.

Even the tribes that get coerced into playing the rigged trade game with the U.S. end up suffering just the same — not by way of bombs but by being totally depleted through exploitation.

The American tribe doesn’t even treat its own people well.

The extreme levels of inequality that exist here lead to horrible outcomes in terms of public health.

Yup that’s right patriots, your beloved U.S.A is definitely #1… in obesity, drug use, anxiety/depression, violence, gun ownership, oil/coal consumption, people incarcerated, teenage birth rates, and so on.

Oh yeah, now we can also add the honor of being top in coronavirus infections/deaths to our repertoire too. Fuck yeah, ‘Mercia!

I could ramble on and on about “freedoms” like being forced from a young age to stand with your right hand over your heart while chanting in unison with a group of people at a flag, that in my opinion only represents oppression and bloodshed or the “democratic” process where any ol’ screwball with enough pull can bid and wager their way into presidency but who has the time and energy for all that…?!

I know people feel offended when I don’t want to participate in the chants, or songs, or honor this dumb flag or any other ridiculous american customs — I can’t help it. It doesn’t make any sense to me when I analyze the reality of life.

Knowing there is no such thing as freedom isn’t scary to me, it is actually quite liberating. It helps me understand my own behaviors and the behaviors of others along with our place in the universe. I feel more connected to others knowing that as a species deep down we are all a lot alike — that our needs are all the same. I also feel more connected to the earth that provides me with everything I need and all the other creatures that live here too. It seems more simple and quite frankly more sane to be unified as a global society. Instead of seeing a bunch of imaginary labels I see humans and in this light I am more compassionate, accepting and open-minded. 

This type of mindset is much more freeing than some senselessly rigid rhetoric imposed on me just because of where I was randomly born.


Curious kid who grew into a curious adult. I write so I can learn more about the world around me 🙂

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Curious kid who grew into a curious adult. I write so I can learn more about the world around me :)

6 thoughts on “Freedom is Bogus

  1. It is a circus where people are being told that they are free, while they pay the ticket to this circus and are being told to sit down, stay quiet, and behave well, or else…

    1. Haha, yup. So true, Tio. The big circus where we’re not only forced to pay admission but where we are forced to perform and are caged like animals.

  2. Great article Jen. Freedom and Democracy are 2 big illusions which blur the cruel trade-based structure behind their seemingly-so-great concepts/ideas.

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