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Every now and then I love to go out into nature by foot or by bike. I just enjoy to see different landscapes, a variety of plants and animals and to discover something new.

It’s true, we live on a planet that’s like a prison and many people are very restricted to just go to wherever they want to go in this world, because they simply don’t have the money to visit certain areas, or they might have a passport that doesn’t allow them to enter another tribe. However, in this article I’m talking about the park in your city, the public beach which might be close or the forest next to where you live. These things are usually free to go to.

For example, I grew up in a small village in the Upper Danube Nature Park and only not-that-long ago I realized how amazing this area really is. Of course, I am speaking about the nature aspect of it – not the culture! The culture is fucked up, as I explained in another article.

To give you an impression, here are some pictures I took during some bike trips this summer:

I am sure it sounds boring to some people to go out into nature with the bike or by foot, but it can not only be relaxing and enjoyable, but also mind blowing if you think about the complexity of seemingly simple things like a tree. Take a normal tree. Has a stem, some roots underneath the earth and some leaves. Not that mind blowing isn’t it?

But do you know of the hidden processes that unfold in the leaves on a daily basis like photosynthesis? The chemical process of transforming carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates with the ‘help’ of sunlight? And did you know that the light from the sun, that is created by nuclear fusion, ‘travels’ for 8 minutes and 20 seconds and then reaches that leaf in the tree?

And then there are oxygen molecules which happen to be released as a byproduct of that process and maybe some of those molecules will be inhaled by you and absorbed into your lungs where they enter your blood circulation and reach the cells of your body – and that makes these cells work properly, because if they don’t get any oxygen they will die and so will you eventually…

It is fascinating if you think about it.

Then you can ponder about how in the world does water reach the leaves in 20 or 30 meters hight? All the way from the roots. And if you search online you will figure out that it’s more mind blowing than any movie with an invented story:

Amazing isn’t it?

And then think about the web underneath the earth which is made out of fungi and connects whole ecosystems:

… Mind boggling!

So you see, the world around us is in fact very complex and astonishing. There are so many hidden processes and chemical reactions that unfold day by day, yet we might be not aware of some or most of these things.

And then just try to think about other planets, stars and black holes that are far far away. This is a photo that I took when I was camping under the naked sky and looked into the stars to ponder about the vastness of the universe and what might be lurking out there …

I remember when I was younger and I didn’t like to go for hikes with my parents. It was boring at that time and I was more into watching TV and playing Pokemon on my Nintendo Gameboy or football manager on our computer when I was around 14 or so. If I would’ve known how amazing everything really is…

It is unfortunate that the majority of young human beings grow up in our fucked up trade-based culture, where they are raised to be workers and consumers and their curiosity about the real world is being sparked later or even never.

Around 2 weeks ago I came back from visiting Seb & Sofie in Kopenhagen where we had a such a great time together. We were camping, swimming, laughing, playing, talking, reading and also enjoyed our time on this marvelous planet earth that is ‘floating’ around in space.

Not only there I thought about all the stress, the hustle and the unnecessary suffering on our planet. People have to slave away in bullshit jobs to be able to live in this world, bureaucracy makes people’s life unnecessary complicated, and rules and laws try to control human behavior where in fact they don’t address the cause of what makes people behave bad.

Humanity should not be enslaved like that. I feel like humans in a saner future (if there will ever be one) would look back and think about the stupidity and primitiveness of the current society.

Sometimes I also think it is so unfair that I have the “luck” to have all basic necessities and I would just love for everyone to not struggle to survive. At times it makes me angry, confused, sad, depressed and gives a feeling of powerlessness, since I can’t save the whole world. So if you’re reading this and you have similar feelings occasionally, you’re not alone 🙂

As I shared these thoughts with my good friend Rafa, he sent me a great video that explains that if you think that what you do doesn’t make a difference, does not mean that it is true and I find it really interesting:

It’s tricky to navigate in this world, I know. People easily slip into egocentric, ignorant and profit seeking behavior, because our world-wide trade-based environment pushes them into these behaviors.

So what I personally try to do is to stay away from trade as much as I can and approach life with optimistic nihilism:

Next time you think about the ‘bad’ in this world, always keep in mind that it’s our trade-based society that fucks things up and try to channel your anger against trade and not yourself, people or anything else. Maybe you can turn your feelings of anger, confusion, sadness etc. into something positive/interesting. Even if you think it is insignificant.

And next time you go into a forest, think about the complexity beyond what is visible for you. Eyes can perceive one part of reality, but to make sense of that, you need your brain. To put it in Tios words “you don’t see the world, you think the world”. And the more we know about the world, the more our brains may be in sync with reality so we might better understand what it means to be human and direct our thoughts and actions in alignment to that.

Much love


Just a human being who likes to do trade-free things and to learn about the world we live in 🙂 I manage tromsite.de and translate our materials into german.

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Just a human being who likes to create/share trade-free things :)

8 thoughts on “About nature and life

  1. Aaron, you are one of those very rare people that I consider “humans”. Back in 2006-2007 when I was writing on my romanian blog, I was talking about how I am so eager to discover other humans out there. Creatures who consider themselves as humans on this planet. Not christians, not muslims, not doctors, germans, romanians, fathers or players. Just humans. And now I know a handful of those and I am so thrilled about that. We are indeed recycled Earth stuff, and the Earth is recycled Universe stuff. We are the Universe. There is no “the universe” and “us”, it is “us, the universe”. 🙂 In a scientific way!

  2. You are not alone either, I feel the exact same way sometimes. It’s like a kind of survivors guilt for having a better life than 99percent of other earthlings. Thanks for sharing!

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