OurMinds.Online is a trade-free service for TROM-People. By TROM people we mean people who are mainly involved with the TROM projects. We are a bunch of friends who think very much the same way about the world, and we are keen to share our thoughts with others. A bunch of us have our own websites where we write, but since some are unable to create and host their own websites, then we came up with this website as a way for all of us to post our thoughts. We will also mirror what we post on our personal websites, here. So, in more than one way, this is an aggregation of our collective minds. Of course, anyone is independently posting here so whatever one posts, is his or her “thing”. This is not a TROM project and no article here gets reviewed like we do with TROM books.

In time we will provide access to more and more people, so that they can share their thoughts on this platform.