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Top 10 reasons to use TROMjaro

Hello, everybody! I am Alexio, a long-time Linux Mint Community member where I posted many ideas and some useful tutorials. Now I use TROM-Jaro, which is just another GNU/Linux distribution, based on Manjaro. So, why is it so special to use it?

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Prison Earth

Welcome to planet earth Beware of where it is you give birth Different places are…

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One Tribe

We are one tribeSo set aside your national pride Look at planet earth Recognize your…

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The Cold

Don’t thinkYou won’t sink Just jump inFeel the needles on your skin BreatheJust breathe Embrace…

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How much stuff is enough?Instead of human connections Society is drowning in possessionsWhat we own…

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Travel the globe

Explore the worldDiscover the untold Travel aroundGet lost and then get found Escape your realityFace…

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